Krispy Dreamers

Spreading smiles across South Africa

Krispy Kreme is all about creating and celebrating fun-filled, magical moments. Krispy Dreamers is a project that we hold very close to our hearts, as it brings joy and magic to those who need it most.

Partnering with the Reach for a Dream Foundation, Krispy Dreamers helps to make dreams come true for children who are fighting for their lives. For every purchase of our Rainbow sprinkle doughnuts, a percentage goes to the Reach for a Dream Foundation which helps us in our mission to spread more joyful moments.

Find out more about Reach For A Dream here.

OUR #KrispyDreamers

we have met so far during 2023...


Divan Synman, a lively and sociable 14-year-old from Rensburg, is known for his cheerful nature. He is particularly fond of coding and finds joy in building websites. Divan has a passion for shooting games and remote-control games, and his ultimate dream is to own a gaming system.​

Divan couldn't believe his eyes when he arrived at Chef Anni's place for a cooking lesson, only to be met by favourite artist, Loufi! Chef Anni prepared a delicious milkshake for Divan, and everyone took some time to get to know each other better before getting started with the class. This time provided Divan and his family had a chance to chat with Loufi, which was especially exciting for Divan.​

Divan, his mother, father, and Loufi were all actively involved in the process, leading to Divan and the artist experiencing a special bonding moment. ​

Following lunch, Loufi surprised Divan with his dream gift—the gaming system. Divan was speechless and overwhelmed by what was arranged for him. ​

As the day came to an end, Loufi extended an invitation to the family to attend one of his concerts the following week. They happily accepted. After saying their goodbyes, the family returned home, filled with excitement and gratitude for the unforgettable experience. Later, we received a video of Divan attending the concert, where he even joined Loufi on stage!​


Lethabo is a bubbly little girl who happens to be a big Batman fan. She says she loves his costume most! Lethabo enjoys playing diketo with her two best friends Tsitsi and Meketso, and her favourite animal is a Zebra because she like how the strips look. Her dream was to receive a tablet so she can play games and do her schoolwork.​

On Lethabo’s dream day she was having dialysis. We caught her while she was in dreamland and told her we have a surprise for her. She thought she was still dreaming but we assured her it is really happening - her dream day had finally arrived! ​

A couple minutes later Batgirl walked in holding her dream and handed it over to her. She was so stunned to see Batgirl and what she had brought her. She opened up her dream and could not believe her dream came true. She hugged Batgirl and said thank you so much for making her dream come true.


Nrateng is a shy little girl who was diagnosed with a stage 4 Wilms Tumour late in 2022. Despite her illness, Nrateng is a bright and very loving child and she has one older brother called Thabo who she loves playing with. Her favourite colour is pink and she mentioned that when she grows up she would like to drive a pink car.​

On Nrateng’s Dream day we picked her and her family up at their home and headed over to the Bedfordview Land Rover Dealership. It was in that moment when we drove in, that Nrateng realized that she will be receiving her pink car. The team welcomed Nrateng and her family and they were driven in the new Range rover Velar. Nrateng absolutely loved the drive and could not stop showing her mom the cool features in the car. We then arrived back at the dealership and Nrateng’s dream was waiting for her. She walked straight to her car and could not wait to get inside of it. We opened up the doors for her and taught her how it works and off she went. After the reveal we went to Spur as Nrateng loves burgers and we got to share a meal with Nrateng and her family. We then took her home and when we arrived Nrateng’s grandmother broke down in tears and said she is very thankful for Reach for a Dream and said Nrateng needed something to remind her that she is a child and she is special.


Lesego Mokoena, who loves to be called Sego which means “fortunate/her parents were fortunate to have her”, is a 13-year-old young lady whose dream is to get a phone, so that she can be able to call her family and friends, and do some of her homework. She is currently in Grade 9 and her favourite subjects are English and Maths. When she finishes high school, she would like to go to varsity and enter modelling competitions. ​

Fun fact about Sego is she loves eating uphuthu and amasi.

Lesego's dream started off with our team fetching her and her family from Mpumalanga to drive them all the way to Johannesburg. Lesego could not believe her eyes the moment we all walked into the hotel - she kept squeezing her mom’s hand in disbelief!​

The next morning, our team then fetched them and took them to the Maslow Hotel in Sandton where Lesego got to meet Miss SA 2022/23. She hugged Miss Ndavi, for a few minutes, because she just could not believe it! Her eyes were filled with tears and she immediately grabbed a seat next to her role model and started chit-chatting away as if they've known each other for a long time! Miss SA surprised Lesego with the 2022/23 crown that she won and Lesego jumped for joy and couldn’t believe that Ndavi was putting the crown on her. The crown was heavy but our future Miss SA, insisted on wearing it throughout, followed by lots selfies and videos of herself with the crown. ​​

After eating brunch, Ndavi asked Lesego to join her outside, so that she could teach her how to model and to show her some skills. Lesego loved the session and was good at modelling. This session also included lots of pictures together, and with Lesego's family.​

Lesego will definitely remember this day forever, and we cannot wait to see her on stage as our future Miss SA!​


Meet Buhle, our 12-year-old Barbie fanatic fighting BILIARY ATRESIA with courage and dreams of becoming a nurse. Inspired by her superhero mom, she's spreading love and strength.

Now healthy, she wants all the other kids to feel the same. On the day she was finishing her final exam, we surprised her with a trip to the toy store and she was so thrilled! The stress of exams melted away as she loaded her cart with girly goodies - cute cups, soft pillows, fluffy pens, nail sets, and everything pink.


Meet Lethabo, aka Sthibo, our 13-year-old Marvel fan who loves the Hulk's strength. Outgoing and quick to get into the flow, he's passionate about gaming and enjoys arts and crafts with his best friend Thato. Despite facing Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Lethabo embraces life with courage.

Family is essential, especially his uncle, who guides him in male-related activities. He eagerly awaited his dream day but displayed a specific style sense. Shopping was a breeze as he confidently chose shorts for the freedom they offer. We helped him shop for clothes and sought out branded sneakers, which he thoroughly enjoyed.


Nomuzo, a true hip-hop fan, used to express herself through dance until losing her eyesight. Now, uncertain about her career path, she eagerly looks forward to returning to school in 2024. Thrilled about attending a special school catering to her condition, she's embracing a new chapter in life. Her dream? A Braille laptop to aid her studies.

On her special day, Nomuzo and her family were treated to a delightful lunch at Spur. She savoured her favourite meal while enjoying the company. The Spur team added a musical touch and then unveiled her dream gift – a Braille laptop. Overwhelmed with excitement, Nomuzo tearfully thanked the team, expressing that her dream had truly come true.


Meet Siyanda, a 7-year-old bundle of joy with dreams as bright as his favourite color, yellow. This cheerful boy aspires to be a police officer, dedicated to protecting people in his country. His love for SpongeBob adds an extra dash of sunshine to his days. Siyanda, despite facing Cirrhosis, brings playfulness into indoor games and dreams of owning a gaming tablet.

Siyanda's dream day at Gold Reef City Spur was pure magic! A beautifully decorated space, a delicious lunch, and the big reveal – his coveted tablet! The joy continued with cake cutting at Spur, topped off with fun games at the Magic Company. A day full of smiles, dreams, and unforgettable moments!


Payton, an 8-year-old from Alberton, adores Disney, especially Elsa from Frozen. Despite battling Cirrhosis, she remains kind, bubbly, and friendly. Her love for cartoons is evident; she dreams of meeting Elsa and aspires to run a daycare when she grows up because she adores little children.

Her ultimate dream? A Barbie dream house! She's a big Barbie fan and wishes to have a dream house to play with her dolls. Additionally, she dreams of having Barbie campers, another accessory she's always loved.


Amogelang, a bubbly 13-year-old undergoing Wilms tumor treatment at Bara Hospital, loves playing, dancing, and dreams of becoming a businesswoman. She's in Grade 8, adores volleyball, and considers her mom her best friend. Her first dream was a new cellphone to replace her outdated one.

On her dream day, Amogelang arrived with her mom and aunt, excited for the day ahead. We took her to RollEgoli for a roller-skating adventure. Though she fell a few times, she persevered and eventually got the hang of it, enjoying every moment. After the fun, she was surprised with her dream. Opening it, she was excited to find her new phone! Later, at Spur, she received warm wishes and a song from the team, making her dream day even more special.


Innocentia, a 4-year-old receiving treatment for ALL at Chris Hani Bara Hospital, is a lively, talkative child who adores playing and watching Mickey Mouse. She dreams of becoming a pilot and loves cars, especially wanting her own ride-on car.

On her dream day, Innocentia was thrilled to go out. We took her and her mom to Papachinos for lunch, where she had a blast playing on the big playground. After lunch, while playing, she got the surprise of her life: her dream car! Overwhelmed with joy, she learned to ride it and had a blast in the play area.

Later, we took her and her mom to the Fun Company for games and rides, where she had an amazing time with her mom. Innocentia's day was filled with happiness and fun.


Le’Andre, an 8-year-old diagnosed with Lymphoma, is a quiet and incredibly creative boy who adores music, especially Islamic cultural songs. While he's not confident in his dancing, he expresses himself through music, drums, and impressive artwork. He's a talented young artist, spending spare moments honing his skills.

Despite his shyness, he enjoys playing in the grass and running around with friends. Le’Andre's fascination with lions stems from their perceived danger.

Interestingly, he aspires to be a surgeon to contribute positively to society, driven by his passion for giving back.


Meet Shaun, an 18-year-old bravely facing Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. Despite being out of school due to illness, he loves singing, playing guitar, and dreams of becoming a mechanic.

On his dream day, he was taken to Maslow Hotel for a surprise: his favourite artist, Sjava, and a brand-new guitar! Shaun was overjoyed, learning guitar tips from Sjava and ending the day with a heartwarming lunch, cherishing the incredible experience.

OUR #KrispyDreamers

we met during 2022...


Lindokuhle is soft spoken and vey well-mannered girl. She loves to play and loves to go school. When she grows up, she wants to be doctor so she can help other kids, who are sick. She told us she would like a big birthday party, for her birthday.

Lindokuhle’s birthday party was very beautiful and fun. She had pink invitation as she had wish. She had balloons and personalised items with her name.

Mostly she had fun with her friends and family as she was celebrating 10 years of her birthday. She had a cake that she always wanted for her birthday. She even said that it is the best birthday ever. She was all smiles the whole day as she enjoyed playing with her friends and family.

She was also very grateful that her birthday was the most beautifully decorated and well planned.


Basestana is a very shy girl and often spends her time watching cartoons. Basestana is often admitted to hospital and has trouble making friends.

For her dream, Basestana had asked for a tablet, so that she would be able to watch cartoons when she was admitted to the hospital.  

On her dream day, we picked up Basetsana at home and took them to Emeralds Palace. Basetana and her mom explored the Emerald Palace and got to see different kinds of animals at their zoo.

She was happy to see these animals for the first time. When then took Basetana and her mom out for lunch and later revealed her tablet. 

She was so excited to see her wrapped dream, she carefully opened up her dream and couldn't stop smiling as soon as she saw her tablet. Basetana was so happy to have her own tablet to keep her company and call her mom when she was in hospital.


Reniloe is well spoken and friendly girl. She is so smart and funny. Unfortunately is diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, therefore she goes with her an oxygen tank everywhere.

When she grows up, she wants to be a doctor as she wants to help ill people.

Reniloe Dreams was super special. She had full day of fun. She went into the Monte casino as she always wanted to go there. and she has so much fun playing games.

She had so much fun. she will forget how at times she cannot be to physically active. Mom was around to help her.

When she finally opened her dream, she was excited. She could not wait to use her laptop for school work. She said thank you. So many times.


Rhys is a very sweet child, and is 6 years of age. When we asked Rhys what he wants to be when he grows up, he told us that he would like to be a man just like his dad.

For his dream, Rhys had asked for a Play Station 5 so that he could play games with his friends and would especially like to play Need For Speed with ‘Papi’.  

On his dream day, unfortunately, his grandfather passed away. His parents didn’t want to do a dream reveal because he was feeling unwell but had asked if we could still deliver his dream to cheer him up.

Upon our arrival Rhys was so excited to see us and couldn’t wait to unwrap his dream.

Once he had opened it, he couldn’t stop smiling and told us that we had made his day.


Owami is a 4 year old boy, he is diagnosed with lung cancer and is very sick. We went to drop off his dream at his house, we found him waiting with mom inside the house. He seemed not to well.

We then revealed his dream to him, he showed had the interest of going through everything we brought him however because he was not too well, he found it hard to open every package, so we only opened few things and he was happy to see his tablet.

His parents thanked Reach For A Dream.


Karabo is her name, she is 14 years old . She studying and enjoys mathematics. She says her dream is to become a doctor to help sick people like her.

On the day of delivery, we went to her house. She was sitting outside with her friends, she came and greeted us with a beautiful smile.

Karabo got excited when we took out her dream out of the car, she tanked us so many times and started opening everything with a smile. She got happy when she saw her laptop and told us that she will now be able to keep up with her school work.


Meet Sphamandla. He loves playing games on the phone, he usually uses his grandmothers phone to play games.

Sphamandla’s dream was to have a tablet, So that he can play all the games he want and watch videos without asking for her grandmothers cellphone.

On the day of delivery, we went to Sphamandla’s grandmothers house, we found him on the couch playing games on the phone.

He became really happy to see us holding his dream and the balloons, he asked politely if he could see what was inside, he then opened the packages and saw his tablet, he was so happy even turned the tablet on.

His mother and grandmother thanked the foundation.


Siphesihle is a 3 year old bubbly boy full of energy and life. On his dream day, we picked him up and his family at their house and took them to Secret Garden. When we got there he played on the jungle gym several times, he couldn’t even finish his meal.

We then surprised him with his brand new ride on car, he came looking at it and walking slowly, he did not believe his eyes as he got in the car.

He then started posing for the camera and told his dad to help him push the car home so that he could play at home with his car.

His parents thanked the foundation once again.


Meet our amazing dreamer Rirhandzu meaning ‘love’. She has such a bubbly personality that lights up the whole mood for everyone. A fun young girl that can get along with everyone. She is currently 14 years old.

When she grows up she would like to be a radiologist/ psychologist. Rirhandzu’s dream was to own a laptop, so that she can be able to do her schoolwork whenever she is admitted at the hospital. She would also love to play games and watch movies on the weekends.

On the day of the delivery we took Rirhandzu and her family out for paintballing. She loved being there and playing with her parents and siblings. When she was done playing, we took her out for lunch and when she was done eating we surprised her with her brand new laptop. All she could do was giggle with excitement, she opened her laptop and loved the headsets and goodies we got.


Lupur is a very sweet young man. He is very polite and well spoken. He enjoys gaming. He is also very active and his dream help him. For his dream he asked for a mountain bike.  

The day of the dream reveal we took Lupur and his parents to Rocco Mamas, his favourite burger place.

We then gave him his dream bike, he was very happy when he received the bike. He has been patiently waiting for the bike. He was looking forward to take it for ride in his first biking trip. He could not contain his joy and smile when he finally could see it with his own two eyes. Mostly he was grateful that it finally arrived.


Bonolo is a very shy child who enjoys staying at home with his mom and his siblings. He said when he grows up, he hopes to become a teacher. As much as he likes staying indoors when he is outside, he likes to play soccer.  

On his dream day, Bonolo had wanted to go to Spur and get to play and have fun, he was so excited when we told him that he could get anything that he wanted and had spent most of his time playing.

When it was time to leave, we surprised him with his dream car outside. Bonolo was very shocked to see his car and couldn’t believe his eyes. He soon started exploring his car and couldn’t wait to ride it when he got home. His family thanked Reach For A Dream for making his dream come true.


Meet our awesome dreamer Bongani, a smart and shy young boy. When he grows up he would like to be a doctor, so that he can help other people. Bongani’s dream was to have a bicycle, because he had one before but it got broken. He would like to ride it around the neighborhood with his friends.

On the day of his dream reveal, we took Bongani and his family out to Gold reef city Theme park, he has been wanting to go there to play and have fun with his family. He went on all the rides with his siblings and loved all of them.

We then did a reveal of his dream, as he walked out the park he saw his bicycle outside next to a fountain. He ran up to his bicycle, he was smiling from ear to ear. The entire family was super happy and excited for him.


Bofelo, a quiet boy, he doesn’t talk that much he is 11 years old. Bofelo enjoys playing games on his dad’s cellphone. His dream is to have his own brand new cellphone.

On the day of his dream reveal, Bofelo was admitted in hospital and his dad was with him, once he saw us carring his dream and balloon he stood up to sit properly on the bed and smiled to receive his dream.

He then opened his dream, he was filled with joy when he saw his new cellphone he could not contain himself. His father thanked the foundation for making Bofelo happy.


Siphelele is a cute 7 year old girl, she is diagnosed with ALL. When Siphelele is done with school, she’d like to be a teacher so she can teach kids and help them with their homework.

Siphelele’s dream is to get a TV because they unfortunately do not have one at home. With her dream TV, Siphelele would be able to watch her favourite cartoons and TV programs.

The day of the dream delivery, Siphelele was so stunned and lost for words. She couldn’t believe that her dream finally came true. Her mother was also lost for words and couldn’t stop crying. It was a special day filled with lots of joy and excitement.


Sabusiswa is a smart, shy and respectful young boy. He is 6 years old and diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia.

When he grows up, he would like to be a soldier and help other people succeed. He also enjoys going to school, when is there he learns a lot and he loves his teachers.

Sabusiswa’s dream was to have clothes, because the ones he has now, don’t fit him that well. 

On the day of delivery, he was really happy.

He was dressed nicely and had smiles. He loved his schoolbag that he had requested. He wanted to put his books inside. When he opened his clothes his mom, jumped for joy. He celebrated and thanked the organization for the dream.


Lekwe is a cute little boy. He is 5 years of age. Lekwe is diagnosed with CML (Chronic xylogenous leukaemia). He is well spoken and very respectful. His dream was to get a Play Station 4. The reason he would like to have a PS4, its to play in games in his own room as he shares the current PS4 with his older brother.

On the day of delivery, Lekwe was home with his family, he was super happy. He could not believe that his dream has arrived.

He thanked the team for making his dream come true.


Gabrielle is a very confident girl with a big personality, unfortunately she is diagnosed with Nephroblastoma. She is currently 3 years of age.

On her dream day, we took her and her family out for breakfast at kiddies restaurant, Gabrielle immediately started playing outside and completely refused to sit down to have her breakfast.

Her mother then took her into a kitchen area to play. Gabrielle could not believe how big it was and she was excited. She then played on the slides.

After breakfast, we drove the family back home, and Gabrielle was shocked to find her Elsa kitchen toy set waiting for her at home. She had a big smile on her face and could not wait to rip through the wrapping to reveal all her pots and pans to go with the kitchen set.

She absolutely loved everything and was running and jumping in excitement. She wanted to thank everybody for her dream.


Lethokuhle is a beautiful 10 year old girl, diagnosed with Kidney Cancer, she would like to study medicine once she’s older so she can treat Cancer patients.

Lethokuhle mentioned that her dream would be to get a brand new laptop, so that she could use it to study and watch movies during her free time.

Lethokuhle couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the Dream Team walk in with her beautifully wrapped dreams. Her eyes lit up with excitement when she saw her name written on one of the wrapped presents.  She quickly opened up each dream, and when she finally saw her dream laptop, Letho gave a big smile and said, “Wow!” In addition to her dream laptop, Letho also received beautiful and fun slippers that she can wear at home. Lethokuhle’s mom was very happy and couldn’t stop thanking Reach for a Dream for making her little girl’s dream come true.


Lungelo is a talkative, funny and smart young man. He is 5 years of age. When he grows up he would like to be a doctor and help save people’s lives.

Lungelo’s dream was to have a bicycle, because he would like to ride it when he is home.

On the day of the dream reveal, we took him out somewhere to have fun with his sibling and mother.

We then took the family to Bike Park, Lungelo was so happy he enjoyed riding all around the park, he had  his favorite meal with his family.

When he was done eating we surprised him with his knew bicycle, he couldn’t believe it was his bicycle, he kept on asking ‘is it mine”. He quickly jumped on his bicycle, opened his new helmet, gloves and shin guards. He started riding his new bicycle in the park.


Malikgetho is 15 years old, She is diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. She wants to become a lawyer because she wants to help people get justice. Malikgetho loves fashion, she always makes sure that she looks pretty.

She says her dream is to have multiple clothing options to choose from, it makes her feel special.

When her dream arrived she was at home, she could not believe that all those clothes are for her. She loved all the clothes and they fit her perfectly. She says she likes that she has many options to choose from and for her appointments at the hospital, she will look stunning.

She thanked Reach For A Dream for making her day.


Onkarabetswe is a shy, loveable and smart young boy. He is currently 6 years old and for his next birthday he would like a new game.

When he grows up he would like to be a doctor, to help others who need help most.

Onkarabetswe’s dream was to have a tablet, so he can play his games. He always uses his mom’s phone so now he wants to play games on his own tablet.

On the day of delivery we went to the hospital to do his delivery. At first he was shy but when he saw his dream he started warming up. He then saw his tablet he started smiling, he couldn’t believe. He said he couldn’t wait to show his mother.


Michelle is a little cute princess. She is diagnosed with ALL. Mom say she likes frozen and likes soft dolls. She also dressed like a princess and she walks around wearing a tiara.

When she received her dream, unfortunately she was admitted in hospital. Michelle didn’t even know where to start. Her smile and happiness brought tears to everyone’s eyes. She got so overwhelmed. She shyly said thank you for making her dream come true.

When given a tiara, she immediately wanted to wear it. She was truly a happy dreamer, her mother thanked the foundation.


Kutlwano is a 3 year old boy that  is diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia and unfortunately he is unable to speak but luckily his mom knows his likes and dislikes.

Upon receiving his dream from us, he was so excited, he couldn’t wait to open up his dream to see what was inside.  When he finally realized what he got he was over the moon and couldn’t wait to play with it.

His mom was so grateful for what we have done for her son. She said it was so nice to see her son smile, always brings joy to her heart. She couldn’t thank the team enough.

OUR #KrispyDreamers

we met during 2021...


Thandolwethu is a shy child. Throughout our conversation Thandolwethu kept mentioning his friends and playing which indicate how much he enjoys playing with them.

He stated during our talk that he loves eating pizza and enjoys it when they are spending time as a family and having pizza. He also loves playing with his scooter with his friends and also playing soccer with them. His dream was to have spider-man clothes to look good. We made sure to get him as many spider man items as we could. He will now be covered for a while with his Spiderman clothes.


Stephen is a smart and sweet young boy, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for Diffuse Large B cell Lymphoma.

Stephen really enjoys fishing and would love to work in the wild because he really loves wild animals. He also enjoys milking cows with Jock (his friend) on the farm. Stephen is absolutely grateful for his dream, he really wanted a laptop so that he can do school work.


Siyanda is a lovely, talkative child who loves everything that has wheels. He was not shy to let us know what his favourite things were, when we spoke to him.

Siyanda has been diagnosed with Nephroblastoma, nonetheless, he remains very active and loves playing with his twin brother and friends.

When Siyanda grows up he would like to be a fireman so that he can put out fires. He is a food lover and enjoys eating at crèche so much so, that he invited us to join in to eat with him. His dream was to have a car to ride with his twin brother around the yard. Siyanda was very excited to receive his dream after being discharged from hospital.


Phineas is a quiet child who enjoys playing with his siblings.

Phineas enjoys reading books and loves colouring particularly with the colour red, which is his favourite colour.  When he grows up he would like to be a doctor to help sick people. He states that his favourite subject is Sepedi. Phineas dreams of having a laptop, so he can read from it. He was so excited when his dream was delivered to him.


Omphile is a sweet, calm and collected young lady. She told us how she is a huge fan of a South African actress, Connie Ferguson, who acts on a telenovela known as ‘The Queen’.

She is currently undergoing treatment, which is affecting her ability to walk. She loves listening to gospel music as she spends a lot of her time listening to music. She indicated that she would like to be a nurse, so that she can help others who have the same illness as her.

Omphile and her family were super grateful for her dream, the mom says she has not seen her daughter so happy in so long.


Omohau is a well-spoken beautiful, young girl, who enjoys playing netball. We got a chance to know her, and discovered that her favourite animals are lions, elephants and zebras. She even mentioned how she would like to one day drive a blue or green car , because they are some of her favourite colours.

She is currently living Nephroblastoma, but in spite of that she still has a very joyful personality. She was so excited when she received her dream of a red tablet. It was a perfect match for her bubbly personality.


Lethabo is a very expressive, adorable intelligent and talkative child once he gets to know you. He loves anything that has wheels and involves driving when the assessor called he was driving his toy cars. Sadly, he has been diagnosed with Bilateral Retinoblastoma.

Lethabo is a brave young one who is now blind due to illness but has learnt to navigate around the house without assistance. Lethabo aspires to be a policeman when he grows up so that he can shoot with a gun. His dream was to own his own car to drive around the yard. What a happy day it was when the DHL deliveries delivered this racers car to his doorstep. By the time DHL deliveries was leaving he had already got into his car to navigate and drive it.


Aubrey is a shy boy, who enjoys playing and watching soccer. His favourite soccer player is Lionel Messi. With a thirst for learning, he mentioned that he is missing going back to school as he has a lot of things he would like to achieve in life. He told us how having an education is going to enable him to have all of that.

When he is older he would like to become a mechanical engineer, and his favourite subject at school is Geography.

Aubrey’s dream is to have a laptop which he will be using for his studies. It was not long until he was all set on his new laptop. He is so happy to have his dream come true.


Aneme is a very talkative and expressive young girl. She is someone who loves playing and is very energetic. She loves her family and spends most of her time with them, especially her brother and aunt when mom is at work. Sadly, she has been diagnosed with Chronic myeloid Leukaemia. When Aneme grows up she would like to be a doctor so as to help heal people.

Aneme’ s dream was to have a Pink bubble-gum tablet so that she can watch movies and play games when not playing house with her friends or family. What a joyous day it was when she received her tablet. Her enthusiastic self could not wait to learn how her new devise operated.


Amogelang is a sweet and reserved young girl. She would like to become a doctor when she grows older.

Because of her passion to learn, she has always dreamt of having her very own laptop for school. On days she misses out of schooling, she will now be able to keep up with her school work. It was truly a special moment when she received her dream laptop.

OUR #KrispyDreamers

we met during 2020...


Gauta, 4 , is an outspoken young boy who is full of energy and life! His ultimate dream come true would be to own a little red Jeep. He wants to drive the jeep around and make sure all is friends can join in on the fun.

Gauta is scared of animals but he loves big cars and he plays football Little Gauta’s favourite song is Amapiano! He is very friend young boy who shares all that’s on his mind.

We decided to make Gauta’s dream come true! We met our little dreamer at Baragwaneth Hospital. We asked little Gauta to join us at the play area. When he turned  around, he could not believe his little eyes ! There was his dream red jeep car waiting for him to get it.

Gauta got into his car and immediately stated to drive around. What a magical day it was.


Kaboentle is an extraordinary young girl who is 4 years old. She was diagnosed with renal failure.

She loves dolls and toys but has never had the opportunity to own a collection of her favorite toys.

When we met Kaboentle she was certain about what she wanted. She told us she really wanted a tea set, cooking set, talking dolls, and a princess outfit! Kaboentle also specified that she really wanted her very own laptop so she play  games involving spelling.

To make Kaboentle’s dream come true, we surprised her with her very own toys. We made sure to get her exactly what she asked for.

On the day of her dream she was so excited to open all her toys and she couldn’t decide which one to play with first. She wanted to play with everything at once!

Our little dreamer was very grateful about the laptop. This day had truly been magical and will definitely be remembered forever.


JC  is 6 years old and is suffering from  Leukaemia. Despite his challenges, JC’s dream was to have an XBOX.

He has a very bubbly personality. Not only does he love sports, he simultaneously  loves fast cars.

Little JC loves cars and is always playing games which involve cars. He yerned to have his own XBOX so that he can play  whenever he wanted to with his friends and at times alone . JC  had heard a lot about Fifa games on the PS4 and really wanted to have his  own so that he could experience the Fifa Game!

In September , we decided to do something special.

We surprised little JC with his dream! He couldn’t contain his excitement when he received his gift. Despite the physical discance his smile spoke a thousand words and we knew this day meant the world to him.

JC is full of energy, he cant wait to start playing and invite his friends over to also play with him.


Desne' May is a bright young  15 year old who was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma (bone cancer). She has two siblings and she is the oldest.

Desne enjoys English and Afrikaans, she says its her favorite subject! When we met  she communicated to us about how much she wants to be a sports medic or an occupational therapist. The roots of the aspiration is because she plays netball and her soccer team is Liverpool . She likes to relax , and  listen to Justin Bieber and Beyoncé.

When we asked Desne , “what would be your best day?” she replied, “ to be able to celebrate my 16th birthday with friends and family. I also would love getting news  that I am getting better”

We decided to add some magic and inspire hope in Desne life. We made her dream come true by getting her the Camera and Printer of her dreams. All Desne wants to do is take photos and capture memories!

Desne could not believe that her dream became a reality when she got the camera and the printer.


Sky is a bubbly young girl who loves to play, especially with her sister! She loves pink and we also know she enjoys spaghetti and biltong.

Sky has always dreamed of owning a trampoline. She is fascinated by them and just wanted one for herself. We started off the magical day by fetching Skylar, her mom and sister at home.

We didn’t want Sky to see her magical trampoline being set up! We stayed at her house building the trampoline while Sky headed to Lil’Miz Day Spa for some pampering. Sky enjoyed a high tea and quality bonding time with her mom and sister. 

When Skylar came home, she could not believe her eyes ! Her dream trampoline was waiting her in the garden. She was amazing that her dream had just come true. She loved her trampoline so much she didn’t want to stop playing.

OUR #KrispyDreamers

we met during 2019...


Cebisile is an extraordinary young girl. She loves the movies but has never had the opportunity to go to a cinema.

We collected our dreamer and set off for a fun filled day consisting of lunch, a movie and her dream reveal at Krispy Kreme. Our first stop was Breakfast at spur and then the movies at Rosebank. Cebisile was overjoyed at the fact that she got to choose her own movie and opted to watch Fast and the Furious, Hobbs and Shaw.

After all our fun , Cebisile was exhausted and wanted to go home, but we had another surprise for her. We told her before the day ends we just want to get something from Krispy Kreme. The moment we walked in Cebisile was welcomed by the Krispy Kreme staff who took her to a table with her laptop and a whole lot of donuts surrounding it. Cebisile stood there for a moment and tears started to roll down her eyes. For a long time everyone just stood and allowed her to take in the fact that her dream had just been fulfilled. It was a very touching moment for the Krispy Kreme staff as well as the Reach For A Dream staff.

Cebisile was very grateful for her laptop. This day had truly been spectacular and would definitely be remembered forever.


Our Dreamer has always wanted a completely new wardrobe. With that in mind we decided to take him for breakfast, dessert and his own personal shopping spree.

Our dreamer was thrilled and couldn’t contain his happiness when he found out he was going to have the chance to go shopping. To start off the day we took Anele to KFC in Rosebank Zone for breakfast. Anele loves KFC! He ate to his hearts content. We then took the dreamer into the mall and let the dreamer choose whatever clothing her wanted.

His dad was so happy for his son at that that we could see him get very emotional throughout the shopping spree. After going shopping, we then went to Krispy Kreme where we were all warmly welcomed with coffee and a big box of donuts. Our dreamer was ecstatic and shocked that we still had more planned even after fulfilling his dream.

After a fun day of shopping he had the chance of being spoiled with free coffee and donuts. The family had an amazing day and couldn’t be more grateful for everything that was done to make this day special.


Little Bandile is 3 years old. He is a brave young boy who is full of energy. Bandile has always dreamed of having his own BMW.

We wanted to make his dream come true at Krispy Kreme Rosebank. We picked up little Bandile and his mother at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital. When we got to Rosebank we wanted to first treat him to his favorite movie Aladdin.

Bandile enjoyed every moment and ended up singing along and laughing throughout the movie. Little Bandile didn’t know that his wish was about to come true. When they arrived at Krispy Kreme, Bandile patiently waited for his doughnuts. He didn’t know that his dream car was covered under a blue cover. We asked Bandile to go and see what was under the blue cover. When Bandile saw his dream car , we was in awe! He jumped around with excitement.

The Krispy Kreme staff helped him drive around the store in his brand new BMW. To make it extra special we made sure to personalize the cars number plate for our little dreamer!


Our little dreamer Lebo loves teddy bears. All Lebo dreams about is having a giant teddy. We made his dream come true but taking him out for a special day. As we drove to Krispy Kreme in Rosebank ,we had a lovely trip, singing songs as loud as we could in the car .When we arrived, Lebo could not believe his eyes when he saw a Teddy Bear bigger than himself sitting at the table. He immediately went to hug and cuddle with the bear.

He had a number of presents to open and was delighted to receive a whole family of bears. We then a wonderful Teddy Bears picnic in the store. When Lebo was given his Krispy Kreme doughnuts he thought they all looked so delicious he did not know which one to eat first. He proceeded to take a big bite out of each one and loved every single bite! What a magical day.


Our Dreamer has always wanted a TV. She has always watched TV at other places and never at home.

Our dreamer was thrilled and couldn’t contain her happiness when she found out she is going to pick out her own TV. Her dad was so happy for his daughter and said that this dream come true would help her heal.

We wanted to let our dreamer picked her own TV so it could be exactly as she wanted. We went to Game where dreamer got to pick out and purchase her dream TV. After shopping for the TV, we then went to Krispy Kreme where we were all warmly welcomed with coffee and a big box of donuts. Our dreamer was ecstatic and said this was more than she had expected.

After a fun day of TV shopping and being spoiled with free coffee and donuts, we then went to Spur for lunch. The family had an amazing day and couldn’t be more grateful for this magical day.


Our dreamer wants to be a fireman when he grows up and his dream was to have a Playstation. Sandton Fire station hosted our donor with the greatest of pleasure.

They not only gave him a grand tour of the fire station but they also dressed him up as a fireman before the tour started. Our dreamer was more than happy. At the end of the tour our dreamer was led into a fire truck. Hidden inside was his dream, a Playstation and a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. The first thing the dreamer ran for was the donuts, smiling as he ate them. When we told him the presents at the back were also his, Thapelo could not stop smiling.

He was so overwhelmed that did not know what to open first. After ripping through the wrapping paper our dreamer had exclaimed that it was the best day of his life. While coming off the fire truck our dreamer took off his fire fighter hat and put on a Krispy Kreme hat, laughing and saying its much lighter to wear. He was one of the happiest boys I have ever encountered. And he was truly grateful for receiving his dream.

What a magical day!


Our little dreamer Njabulo has always wanted his very own car. Because he is too small to drive we decided to make his dream come true by surprising him with a brand new white mini Mercedes-Benz.

Njabulo’s day started off at Krispy Kreme Sandton, he was spoiled with options and didn’t know what to pick. Once he had his little doughnuts he then went to Hamleys. He played his favourite games and to his surprise we told him he won a game and there would be a gift to follow.

Before Njabulo knew it, we surprised him with his brand new ride on car. Njabulo loved it so much he even slept in his little car.


Mfikiseni, is a 15 year old boy from Bulwer. Despite being diagnosed with Tetralogy of the Fallot, Mfikiseni remains an easy going, happy young man.

His interests include art and design, as it allows him to express himself. He thoroughly enjoys playing cricket and soccer with his friends, as exercise keeps him fit.

In his free time, Mfikiseni goes to the beach and park with his friends.  Being from a rural part of Bulwer, Mfikiseni hasn’t had the opportunity to visit many places, he also never eaten at a restaurant before.  We started the day by taking him on a train ride, Mfikiseni has always dreamed of having a cell phone. But, to make his dream day extra special we took him and his parents on the Umgeni steam train, as Mfikiseni dreams of being is a train conductor when he grows up.

The experience of the steam train ride will be something he will remember forever.


Axola is 3 years old and a very shy little girl. Her ultimate dream was to have a brand new pink bike!

We picked up the family and the day started off at Krispy Kreme. As soon as Axola had her doughnuts, we decided to surprise her with a brand new pink bike. We decided to take Azola to PWC Bike Park, to get her first bike lesson with a professional teacher.

Axola was as pro! After a few rounds on her own she was zipping around the bike park. Her day was perfect and she loved her new little bike.


Our little dreamer Dwayne is 7 years old. Despite having leukaemia, Dwayne has always dreamed of owning his very own PS4.

Dwayne, thought he was going to spend the day at Gateway. His first stop for the day was at Krispy Kreme. He couldn’t wait to pick his favourite doughnut. Once he was finished, we then took him to an art studio. Dwayne is vey creative and has always loved painting and drawing. As Dwayne painted on his canvas we were behind the scenes preparing his surprise.

Once Dwayne was done painting we told him that his artwork needed to be taken to a different room to dry. Once his artwork was dry we then came out with a brand new PS4 and his painting. Dwayne was overwhelmed with excitement and joy!

His dream was now a reality!


Penelope is 9 years old and suffers from Osteosarcoma. Our little dreamer has always dreamed of going shopping!

Little Penelope thought she was going to see the her friends for a lunch. She is nature-lover, who thoroughly enjoys being outdoors. Penelope is real fashionista, she and her friends spend their time dressing up in their best dresses and shoes and pretend to be models. As well as, painting their nails and practicing different hairstyles on each other.

Penelope’s world revolves around fashion, hence her dream is to go on a shopping spree. To make her dream extra special, we set up an Adventure challenge for her in Gateway. Where was given clues, to search for hidden balloons across Gateway. Each balloon gave her a voucher to shop with; in the end she used the vouchers to pay for her shopping spree.

What a special day.

OUR #KrispyDreamers

we met during 2018...


Sfiso is 12 years old and was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. Lesego is 10 years old and he suffers from a form of caner called Lymphoma.

Both our Krispy Dreamers have always wanted to meet their Kaizer Chiefs idols, Hendrick Ekstein & Khama Billiat. Our dreamers have always dreamed of the day they could meet their favourite soccer players.

We decided to make their dreams a reality by taking both young boys to meet he hole Kaizer Chiefs Team!.

Our Krispy Dreamers practiced kicking goals into the net and bonded with their soccer idols. It was an extraordinary sight to see how the boys loved the whole experience, it was definitely a dream come true that they’ll never forget.


Aaronis 14 years old suffers from a rare heart condition. Despite his illness Aaron is full of life and energy.

Aaron has always wanted to visit Johannesburg. His ultimate Dream was to come to the city of Gold. We decided to surprise Aaron with a weekend away, with his family, to Johannesburg.

Aaron, has never been to Johannesburg and this was dream, when he arrived in Johannesburg he was very excited. He cam with his Mother and brother which meant the world to him. During Aarons trip to JHB we took him to Golf Reef city and Acrobranch. He absolutely loved it!


Mpho 15 years old suffers from a form of renal failure. Mpho is a bright young boy whose smile lights up any room. Mpho has always dreamed of owning his very own laptop.

We decided to make his dream a reality by surpising him on his dream day with a laptop at the Krispy Kreme in Rosebank. Mpho couldn’t believe his dream came true!

The Krispy Kreme @Rosebank staff made sure that Mpho was given a 5 star treatment with the best doughnuts to munch on!.

Mpho can now use his laptop to study and plan his future.

Ramdan Dozen

ingredient list

Wheat Flour, Water, Palm Oil, Yeast, Salt, Emulsifier, Raising Agent, Sugar, Dried Egg Yolk Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Preservative: (Calcium Propionate), Stabiliser: Firming Agent, Flavouring, Acidity Regulator: Flour Treatment Agent, Enzyme: Anticaking Agent.

Sugar, Water, Anti-caking Agent, Agar, Dextrose, Thickener, Preservative: (Disodium Phosphate), Flavouring, Salt.

Burfee Flavoured Icing:
Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Palm) Glucose Syrup Solids, Emulsifiers, Cornflour, Flavouring, Water, Stabiliser.

Gold White Choc:
Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat (Palm Kernel), Emulsifiers (Soya), Skim Milk Powder, Sodium Chloride, Flavouring.

Sugar, Glucose Powder, Corn Starch, Tapioca Starch, Glucose, Vegetable Fat [Palm Kernel], Salt, Humectant, Cocoa Powder, Emulsifiers [Soya], Anto-caking Agent, Thickener, Flavouring, Colourants, Titanium Dioxide.

Wheat, Egg, Cow’s Milk, Soya. May contain: Peanuts and tree nuts.


Terms & Conditions

Sparkling Lights Dozen

ingredient list

Wheat Flour, Water, Palm Oil, Yeast, Salt, Emulsifier, Raising Agent, Sugar, Dried Egg Yolk Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Preservative: (Calcium Propionate), Stabiliser: Firming Agent, Flavouring, Acidity Regulator: Flour Treatment Agent, Enzyme: Anticaking Agent.

Sugar, Water, Anti-caking Agent, Agar, Dextrose, Thickener, Preservative: (Disodium Phosphate), Flavouring, Salt.

Nutella Filling:
Sugar, Vegetable Fat (Palm Fruit), Hazelnuts, Skimmed Milk Powder, Emulsifier (Soya), Flavouring.

White Choc Dip:
Vegetable Fat (palm kernel), White Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder, Soya Lecithin, Emulsifiers.

New Years Festive Sprinkles:
Sugar, Glucose, Maltodextrin, Cocoa Powder, Tapioca Starch, Magnesium Stearate, Arabic Gum, Glycerin, Carnauba Wax, Malt Syrup, Titanium Dioxide, Colourants.

Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Soya, Tree Nuts. May contain peanuts.

Diwali Dozen

ingredient list

Wheat Flour, Water, Palm Oil, Yeast, Salt, Emulsifier, Raising Agent, Sugar, Dried Egg Yolk Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Preservative: (Calcium Propionate), Stabiliser: Firming Agent, Flavouring, Acidity Regulator: Flour Treatment Agent, Enzyme: Anticaking Agent.

Sugar, Water, Anti-caking Agent, Agar, Dextrose, Thickener, Preservative: (Disodium Phosphate), Flavouring, Salt.

Rose Kreme Filling:
Sugar, White Icing Base (Contains: Vegetable fat [Palm Oil, Soya Bean Oil], Emulsifiers, Sugar, Corn syrup, Preservative: [Hexametaphosphate], Sodium Caseinate [Milk]), Rose Cordial (Contains: Water, Cane Sugar, Flavouring, Citric Acid, Preservative: [Sodium Benzoate], Colourants), Vegetable Fat (Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Emulsifiers), Water, Salt.

Pistachio Choc Dip:
Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat (Palm Kernel), Emulsifiers (Soya), Skim Milk Powder, Sodium Chloride, Flavouring, Colourant.

Rose Petals, Pistachio, Gold Sprinkles (Contains: Sugar, Dextrin, Cocoa Powder, Tapioca Starch, Glucose, Titanium Dioxide, Stabiliser, Glycerin, Colourants)

Wheat, Egg, Cow’s Milk, Soya.

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